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No Temptation is more beautiful than the healthy you - Cpncept1 Proactive Fitness #Healthy #Gym #Exercise #ProactiveFitness
If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't get better. #Concept1ProactiveFitness #Gym #Health #Fitness
An expert yoga teacher and a Black Belt Martial Artist with an experience of more than 20 years, Mr. Jwalant Bhatt shows special interest in floor, aerobics and health management. Gym, Trainer, Consultant. Concept1 Gym, We are located at Manjalpur, Vadodara.
Renowned Gym Drinking water helps in losing weight. How? Water simply helps people feel full, and as a result consume fewer calories. health gym water workout We are the Renowned Gym based at Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat.
Best Gym in Vadodara. In order to really focus, a glass of water could help people concentrate and stay refreshed and alert. We are the Best Gym in Vadodara. healthtips facts gym workout healthy lifestyle We are located at Manjalpur, Vadodara, Gujarat.
Happy International Mother Language Day! #Concept1ProactiveFitness #Gym #Health #Fitness #Language
#Concept1 Celebrates Women's Week We are committed to empower #women to improve their health and fitness. We open our gym free for women to experience our floor #exercise and #equipment for a week. Registration is open from today. No fees, no charges, no hidden membership, totally #free of charge for a week. Free week starts from 06/03/2017 to 11/03/2017 3 days floor exercises; 4 days gym Batch1: morning 10 to 11 Batch2: evening 4 to 5
Compete with yourself every day & complimnet yourself every day. #Concept1ProactiveFitness #Gym #Fitness #DailyExercise #Fit #Health
Who is asking you to go on diet, all you got to do it eat right! #Concept1ProactiveFitness #Fitness #Health #DailyExercise