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#bestdesigned #gym First #hammerstrength_training_studio Cardio equipments by #lifefitness Challenge your endurance by stairway & ladder of #jacobsladder Experience the ambiance best in the class. Award winner design Trained staff prepared to help new and advanced clients Take your one day free trial today feature=share
Dedication and strong support by a qualified trainer can bring transformation Our client achieved weight loss from 78kg to 67kg within 3 months under the guidance of Hiren Pawar
#Core_Strengthening with #Hiren_Pawar #motivated Clients Working Together
#Core_Strengthening with #Hiren_Pawar #motivated Clients Working Together
Many congratulations to Concept1 Team for winning first round match at Polo ground in Night Cricket Tournament which was held on 01.05.2018. Special thanks to Bhargav Bhatt ( IPL PLAYER 2012 Kings Eleven Punjab ) who was the Captain of our team and also got Man of the Match for the day and great team work by our clients too. Next match will be on 05.05.18 at 8.30 pm and all are invited to watch the live cricket match